Daniel Ambrose plein air painting of flowers and proch
Study for Welcome
oil on panel, 6 by 8 in.

There is something friendly about a front porch surrounded with flowers. I was headed through Ledger, North Carolina on my way to visit a well known basket weaver, when I came around a bend and saw this house, flowers bursting every where. I stopped . . . In the middle of the road. There was no place to park, so I pulled in the driveway and walked up to the front door and knocked. Being as it was Saturday morning I was hoping someone was home. A man came and I explained who I was and what I wanted to do. Smiling, he said that would be fine, as he was the one who planted the flowers.

I set up in the front yard and painted a huge clump of hydrangeas. The day turned out to be mighty hot, and while I was painting a lady came out and asked me if I’d like a soda or something. Water would be fine. Presently she came back down the porch steps with an ice cold bottle of water and a piece of home made chocolate cake. She invited me up on the porch to sit a while and her husband came out and we spent a pleasant hour together talking about Ledger’s history.

Afterward, thinking about the homeowners generosity and kindness, I set up my easel across the street in the neighbors yard ( they said it would be fine) and painted this scene of the front porch.  I think I’ll paint a larger one in egg tempera when I get back to the studio.

Oh, I never made it to the basket weaver house, but I heard she wasn’t home.

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