New Oil Painting on the Easel

New Oil Painting on the Easel

painter daniel ambrose at his easel

New Oil Painting

Here  is a new oil painting I am working on for an event next week at the Charlotte Country Club in North Carolina.

I have all the major shapes laid in at this stage, next I will begin to adjust the values, color temperatures and start getting the light to flow.

I am using the new Gamblin Fastmatte paints which dry overnight allowing me to layer the paint like I do with egg tempera. They dry a bit darker than when I first put them on, similar to acrylic paints and I have to compensate, but once I figured out what was happening- no problem. So far, I like them, and I won’t be bringing a wet painting to North Carolina with me next week.

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A Painter in His Studio

A Painter in His Studio

New Studio!  New Commission

I have been commissioned by representatives of Florida Hospital to paint a large painting for the lobby of their new state of the art cancer center in Ormond Beach, Florida.

The painting is 6 x 18 feet. The small sketch on the easel is my preliminary study. I have been testing and will be using the new Gamblin Fastmatte paints and I’m excited about their possibilities. They dry quicker than traditional oils allowing me to develop the painting as I do my egg tempera technique. I will be posting updates of the process on my blog and Facebook.

This commission coincides with my move to a larger studio, thanks to the grace of a couple of good friends.

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