Packing, Paintings, Photographing Art & Phones

Packing, Paintings, Photographing Art & Phones

Detail of Graceful Light an egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Graceful Light (detail) egg tempera

I’m finishing and packing up for my show at Hughes Gallery next week. Here is a closeup detail of Graceful Light, a new egg tempera painting. I’ve some others I’m excited about too and can’t wait to show them to you.

I wanted to show you a tempera painting closeup. However, in looking at the cropped image here on the monitor, I realize how much I need a new camera. This photo doesn’t show the subtle qualities of the painting.

To appreciate and experience a paintings tactile and visceral qualities it must be seen in person. I’ve seen people happily cry, gasp with pleasure and shiver with goosebumps viewing my art. Its a totally unexpected response and fun to witness. I still get a tingle up my spine when I see an Andrew Wyeth painting.

When doing shows, I would often encourage a collector to take a painting home and live with it for a few days. Give them time to absorb it and see how the lighting changes it throughout the day. Its quite cool to see.

Having said that, as we become more comfortable purchasing online, high quality images are crucial.  My camera is about 6 years old, which is like 42 dog years in digital cameras. I wonder when we’ll stop calling them “digital” cameras, or have we and I just haven’t caught up yet? I overheard a fellow tell his grandson to call someone on the cell phone. The kid looked at him like, what other kind of phone is there?. Way before now, back in the day of Saturday morning cartoons, I remember the freedom a real long phone extension cord allowed, it was a dandy thing to have.

On my wish list this year is a new camera and lights. If you have one for sale . . .

I’ll post the full painting next week.

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