Art of Daniel Ambrose Book Sale

Art of Daniel Ambrose Book Sale

photo of Art of Daniel Ambrose book, Paintings & Writings 2006-2012

The Art of Daniel Ambrose book, Paintings & Writings 2006-2012

Art of Daniel Ambrose Book

It’s official! My first book, The Art of Daniel Ambrose, Paintings and Writings 2006-2012, is now ready to buy!

This beautiful book is a curated, enhanced collection of inspiring art and articles created over a six year period.

Featuring over fifty paintings, studies and sketchbook drawings, with more than a hundred pages of insights, reflections and enchanting stories. It offers an intimate view of the diverse sources of inspiration that spark the meandering evolution of my paintings.

It’s printed in a size that’s easy to slip into a bag for a great summer read at the beach or cabin.

In appreciation of all my friends, patrons and supporters who collect, follow and share my work, I’m extending a special offer.

Pre Publish Special!

Order before June 15, 2016 and receive a 15% discount.

We expect to receive books by the end June and will ship the first week of July. Coupon expires after June 15, 2016, so order now to reserve your copy!

Premium Original Collectors Edition

An exclusive, limited edition will be available. I will sketch an original Ambrose pencil drawing inside each of these exclusive collector editions.

Below are samples of  a few pages.






“This is a beautiful… delightful book”- Carol Gaskin

Please share with your family and friends!

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New Painting: Where I Find You

New Painting: Where I Find You

Where I Find You, oil on linen

I’m happy to be able to finally show this painting to you. Where I Find You is a major new oil painting in which I continue to deepen the exploration of ideas using the seascape as my motif.

I am also beginning to incorporate techniques that I use in my egg tempera paintings. During the process of painting this seascape I developed an oil painting medium that allowed me to achieve the luminous quality of light that I love to paint. I will write more about my thoughts and inspiration behind this series in future posts. Kindred Spirits began a shift in this new direction, and in Aquablue I poured it all out.

Where I Find You will be available at Hughes Gallery in Boca Grande, Florida for a special reception tomorrow night.

Painting Details:
Where I Find You
Oil on linen
36 x 48 in.

Gallery Reception:
February 11, 7 – 9 p.m.
Hughes Gallery
333 Park Ave
Boca Grande, Fl

Inquires about this painting or the event:  Barbara Hughes 941-964-4273.

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New Egg Tempera: Light Upon

New Egg Tempera: Light Upon

Egg tempera painting of South Carolina church with great egret on roof by American arist Daniel Ambrose

Light Upon, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Light Upon
Egg tempera on panel
14 x 11 in.

Inquire at Cheryl Newby Gallery
Pawleys Island, SC

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New Egg Tempera: Companionship

New Egg Tempera: Companionship

Companionship, egg tempera painting of two Charolais cows by Daniel Ambrose

Companionship, egg tempera painting

I still can’t remember the road I was on, nor the name and even less where it was in the North Carolina mountains.

Know it was spring and after once discovering the elusive Charolais cows, I had my eyes peeled for them. I do recall rounding a curve and there being a cemetery on a shady hill. Curious to see how old it was, I turned up the rutted drive and parked under a pair of time-twisted cedar trees. My daughter and I share a trait for reading old epitaphs. When my twins were little, we used to play a game called no money fun. In one of them we made rubbings from ancient, weathered headstones. You’ve probably  heard of one of my favorite inscriptions. “I told em’ I was sick.”

Coming around a large granite monument I spotted a flash of white in the pasture across the road. Cows? Could they be Charolais? They weren’t there earlier. A farmer walked along the fenced lane, bucket in hand.

Scampering down the hill I went across the road, looking both ways twice lest I end up back on that hill permanently. Sometimes I forget my surroundings when enthralled with a scene.

I made some sketches for this small egg tempera painting, Companionship. It’s 8 x 8 inches, framed in silver,  and after a bit more paint, will be available at Crossnore Gallery.

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New Maine Painting: Long Cove

New Maine Painting: Long Cove

“All this he saw, for one moment breathless and intense, vivid on the morning sky; and still, as he looked, he lived; and still, as he lived, he wondered.” —Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

    Long Cove, Maine. Oil on Panel. Painting by Daniel Ambrose

Long Cove, Oil on Panel. Painting by Daniel Ambrose

Last Friday I delivered several paintings to friends who own True North Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine. Fortunately they winter in Flagler Beach just up the coast from me making it a twenty minute trip instead of a two day journey.

Long Cove is one of the paintings on its way back to Maine. I say back because this painting began its life from the view point overlooking the purple loosestrife flowers.

When I look at this image of the painting, I’m transported back to the morning Mary and I first saw the scene. Always drawn to the water and the vanishing ways of making a living from it, I sought vantage points to capture this unique lifestyle.

I made a rough charcoal sketch of it to work out composition ideas and discern features that excited me. It didn’t take long and I knew I had a great painting idea. Tossing the pad in the car trunk I grabbed a new gessoed panel and eagerly went to work with oil paint.

A quiet stillness pervaded the air while I painted. Bees hovered among the flowers, sailboats moved along the distant horizon and suddenly a red fox dashed across the road disappearing in the grasses under my easel.

Quite cool!

More details on Long Cove, Maine painting available here.

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New Painting: Natural Beauty

New Painting: Natural Beauty

Giant Clam and Seafan, oil on gesso board

Giant Clam and Seafan, oil on gesso board

I’ve been working on some smaller, square format paintings based on coastal themes. This still life oil painting of a giant clam and seafan is 8 x 8 in. It’s still in progress, I’ve a bit more to go on it.

These natural objects from the ocean and many more fascinating ones like them belong to a collection I feel privileged to live with. I’ve been studying them for a long time.  Their forms, subtle colors and textures, the way the sun glides over them throughout the day revealing new hues and intricate patterns sets my fingers twitching to draw them.

But I wasn’t sure how I could do them justice in paint. In the Museum of Arts and Sciences, here in my town, they had on display at one time, a few coral and giant clam shells. Presented on black bases, behind plexiglass cases and dramatically lighted, the museum pieces were striking and elevated my appreciation for the ones in my home even more.

I kept thinking of ways to set them up to paint. Studying them while I drank my coffee one overcast morning, in the distilled light, it struck me to paint them as they are arranged. Naturally.

So I set up my plein air easel in front of of this assortment of sea treasures and started painting.

Natural beauty in natural light.

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