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A Summer Conversation

In early summer I took my painting, A Summer Conversation to work on at my friend Mary’s studio on Venice Island. Each day I went to the beach to make sketchbook studies of clouds and sky. Recently I delivered the finished painting to Hughes Gallery.  It was good to...

A Blue Day in August

  I aimed to leave for Maine on the 8th of August. The car packed and the studio clean. I had a long road ahead of me. The day came, and I wandered over to the beach with my coffee and sat in the sand to steep in the sunrise. Intent on trying to decipher the...

The Story of the Painting Fireflies at Dusk

The story of this egg tempera painting Fireflies at Dusk, began as inspiration long forgotten. Fourteen years later, this painting of fireflies floating over a field of grass, manifested from restlessness. Maybe it’s wanderlust or perhaps the hot summer breeze. Could...


Island Pearl

Oil on Linen

30 x 40 in.

Available Hughes Gallery

Boca Grande, Florida

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