May Twilight in the Time of Covid-19

May Twilight in the Time of Covid-19

May Twilight in the Time of Covid-19

May Twilight. Egg tempera painting of an egret on a branch above moonlight water

May Twilight. Egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

May Twilight is one of 14 paintings I delivered to Cheryl Newby Gallery in South Carolina for my Summer Show. The exhibition runs from June 27 to July 25.

It was my first trip since Covid -19. I took extra precautions on the road and practiced the 3 W’s recommended by epidemiologists and virologists. Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distances.

During this pandemic, many of us are learning we can do with less, by necessity or choice. Long ago I chose the latter. So I channeled my creativity and structured my life, as I described in this post, Our Song. I sacrificed to live to paint and not paint to live.

I do not know if current events influenced my painting, May Twilight. Perhaps unconsciously, I sought a feeling of stillness contrasted with movement.  An abstract idea made visible in the tangible elements of bird, water and light. A balanced tension resides in their juxtaposition.

I do know that I find peace and inspiration in these elements. In singular moments of gentle beauty.

In times of chaos and disruption, I return to the center of quiet things. I focus on moments.

In the words of poet, Mary Oliver, “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

Visit Cheryl Newby Gallery website to view the show.

Cheryl Newby Gallery Summer Show

Cheryl Newby Gallery Summer Show

Cheryl Newby Gallery Summer Show


I am excited to announce my Cheryl Newby Gallery Summer Show.  I will be exhibiting many new egg tempera paintings inspired by the South Carolina coastal lowcountry. Glenda Taylor and her exquisite ceramic art will participate with me in this 2 person show.

Because of Covid19 we will not be hosting an opening night reception this year, and I will miss seeing everyone. Especially since I have been holed up in the studio for months, painting. However, all the artworks will be on display, and it promises to be a gorgeous show. Cheryl and Kaitee have taken precautions to ensure you feel at ease while visiting and viewing this fabulous event.

Are you ready to get out and see beautiful art!?

I’ve been posting videos showing fascinating details of egg tempera paintings in progress on Instagram. Check out the finished paintings after the show opens on my Instagram page.

Newsletter subscribers will get a preview of some of the paintings. If you’d like to view them, please subscribe to my newsletter Ambrose Art Journal here.

For more information, visit Cheryl Newby Gallery website.

Cheryl Newby Gallery Summer Show
June 27th – July 25th, 2020
11096 Ocean Highway
Pawleys Island, South Carolina
(800) 435-2733

Egg Tempera Painting of a Brown Pelican

Egg Tempera Painting of a Brown Pelican

Egg Tempera Painting of a Brown Pelican

egg tempera painting of a brown pelican by Daniel Ambrose

Brown Pelican, egg tempera painting

This sweet little egg tempera painting of a brown pelican just makes me smile. It is resting on my easel now along with other birds that I am painting for a show. It measures 7 by 5 inches wide.

I think it looks nice, unframed… perhaps perched on a mini easel. It feels like an old friend that I enjoy having around my studio. It needs a name.

The first egg tempera painting I did twenty-eight years ago was of these flying Brown pelicans over Bulow marsh.

I was moving away from paintings that featured birds in their biological habitat as the principal subject.

Birds became smaller and began flying in my paintings, becoming fireflies flying out of the picture.

My work evolved into literal landscapes before becoming memories of beloved places.

Then merging memories and birds in new ways, like in this painting, Shelter.

And dreamlike settings as in this egg tempera, To Sleep, To Dream.

It is spring now, and the birds are returning.

Reminders that seasons change.

We are healing in Nesting.

We will triumph.

Be strong.

Be safe.