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Spring Visitor: A Painting About Respect

When I was twenty-four, I built a house. And though I didn’t know it then, when I landscaped the yard, I was also planting inspiration seeds for this enchanting egg tempera painting, Spring Visitor. Around that house I planted trees, shrubs and flowers; maples, sweet...

Find What You Love and Make it Yours

I wake to a bird singing. Ashen light saturates the linen curtains. I make coffee and carry it across the road to the beach. Balmy air, bright green waving palms greet and gladden me. These things sing to my soul. At waters edge I slip in my toes. Still too cold for a...

Blame it on the Cat

Yea. . .  he looks innocent. Well, imagine my surprise to receive an email notifying me that a post had been published while I was in the middle of composing it. Please disregard my previous email, "find what you love." Now I know to close my laptop when I leave it...

Morning Whispers

"I like it quiet in the mornings." This, I am certain I heard her whisper. Black coffee or green tea steaming in a favored mug. The nectar of inspiration. Listening for morning whispers. Tell me you love pale light veiling over misty sea, water gently teasing bare...



Summer Remembered

Oil on Linen

30 x 60 in.

Available Hughes Gallery

Boca Grande, Florida

Where to See Daniel’s Art

Cheryl Newby Gallery

Crossnore Gallery


Hughes Gallery

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