Resting Birds

by | Aug 31, 2022

Oil painting of resting sanderling by Daniel Ambrose.

Resting Bird III. oil on birch panel

Every year for the last ten years, I have been going to Maine to paint. Out on the rocks, or in a cove, painting and making memories with my great friends rejuvenates my spirits.

Except this year. This summer, I only made it to Maine in my mind.

Instead, I have been sitting around like these painted resting birds. Rooted to the beach.

Resting Bird I

I just got plumb wore out painting large oils non stop for my show at Hughes Gallery this past January. In June I delivered a commissioned painting of some lovely white pelicans, and when I got back to the studio, I flat hit a wall.

After sitting on the sand with the birds, staring off into the ocean air for a few weeks, I picked up my brushes and began playing with these small paintings. They are 8 x 8 inches on cradled birch, unframed to hang on a wall or perch on a shelf.

They are about paint application as much as they are about birds. The feeling of light was foremost in my mind. A sense of place secondary. They could be anywhere, of any time.

Resting Bird II

There are also two small egg tempera’s and three large oil paintings on the easels. I’m excited about them and look forward to sharing their progress with you soon.

Meanwhile, I hope summer found you well and in the company of loved ones.

In our media frenzied world of strife and separateness, I still believe in the beauty of art, the wonders of nature, and civil discourse to connect us. I find hope in science and spirituality. Integrity and doing the right thing still matter. Kindness still matters. Laughter is healing.

These three resting birds will be available at Cheryl Newby Gallery.

Peace be with you.


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