Golden Moments of Gratitude

by | May 13, 2022

oil painting of pelican flying over surf in golden moment, by Daniel Ambrose

Golden Moment, oil on linen panel. Larson-Juhl frame

That first kiss.

The birth of a butterfly.

Hearty laughter with friends

Witnessing my twin’s first breath.

Family bonds. The intimacy of a Beloved.

Pelicans gliding over breaking surf in the morning sun.

The touch of delicate snowflakes falling on my tongue in Alaska.

Wood smoke curling into an autumnal blue sky. Crisp October colors.

The scent of southern magnolias and orange blossoms gracing a country lane.

The sound of backyard sprinklers swishing in Florida’s tropical summer sun. Rainbows.

A Maine sunrise over a quiet cove, lobster boats’ throaty rumble. In the distance, blue islands.

Museum masterpieces. Lost in a book or on a back-road. A Baroque symphony. Music & sunlight.

Misty breath of painted horses on a frosty morning, dew on the grass, sparkling like diamonds.

Wild violets bursting through dark moist earth in the Appalachian mountains in springtime.

Times of tenderness, of Grace. Awards and overcoming adversity. Achieved dreams.

The unconditional love of a dog. The antics of a kitten. Birdsong.

These things I know. Confirmations of a rich life.

These are a few of my golden moments.

That made me an artist.

What are yours?

This painting, Golden Moment, will be auctioned at the Cahoon Museum of American Art, beginning June 25, 2022. Cotuit, Massachusetts. For more information, contact Sarah Johnson, Executive Director. (508) 428-7581.

Thank you to a dear friend for introducing us to this wonderful regional museum of American Art.


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