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by | Aug 14, 2021

It’s been foggy and overcast most of the week here in Maine as we wrap up two weeks with my dear friend Mary Erickson’s Nanatuck Group. Tomorrow we’ll stay with Helga at Eight Bells before heading back to Florida and tropical storms. I’ve posted some of my Maine paintings for sale on my website. Click here to view them.

A collage of Maine paintings for sale by Daniel Ambrose

A collage of Maine paintings

This painting of a scraggly spruce tree captures the moody light of gray day. Even in gray skies, there is a variety of warm and cool colors. Clouds were scudding across the sky, but the trees and rocks weren’t going anywhere, so I concentrated on holding on to the pale yellow light at the horizon and the movement of clouds. The light-colored rocks contrasted with the gray sky, and the tenacious tree intrigued me.

My inspiration, information-gathering process is to create field studies in oil on location for color notes.Years ago, I felt rushed chasing the light. No longer. Now, I take my time; holding on to an early effect of light and shadow, or painting into the light I know will come. I get it fixed in my mind and paint deliberately with intention.

Marshall Point Light, oil painting by Daniel Ambrose 2021

Marshall Point Light, oil on linen panel

Marshall Point Lighthouse on a foggy, warm day. Typically, I avoid postcard subjects like lighthouses. But this one, while appearing a simple structure at first, is fun and challenging to paint accurately. It really forces you to pay attention, especially the railing construction.

As I finish writing this and begin packing, another quiet foggy morning graces the landscape, pierced only by the cries of gulls circling the cove. The house we are staying in has been sold and lodgings have doubled here in Port Clyde and we are searching for a new place for next summer.

I have faith something will come up. And while I will miss Maine, I am taking new friendships and painted memories with me.


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