Her Grace Shimmers and Shines

by | May 26, 2021

Her Grace. Egg tempera painting of great egret by Daniel Ambrose

Her Grace, egg tempera, 12 x 9 inch.

Her Grace is one of seven small egg tempera paintings on my easel right now. See on Instagram.

In a previous post, The Light Keepers, I asked for your earliest memory. It was heartening to read your emails and comments sharing your own memories. Thank you. Your words inspire me as I hope mine inspires you.

For a while, I had a dry spell of blank brains. Nothing was firing upstairs. My smart phone is making me dumb. Social media is making me numb.

So I return to my old ways that rejuvenate inspiration—reflective reading, music and rambles on the beach in the sea wind. Slip on the headphones of the Universe, close my eyes and tune in the ancient rhythms. Let the surf and salt spray drown ego’s desires and invoke my celestial muse.

Egrets parade in the water beside me in the shimmering light.

Shawn Mullins song lyrics, Shimmer, come to mind. The way she shimmers, the way she shines…

The way she radiates
The way she lives, the way she loves,
The way she never hates

I saw a bird turning in the sun. I saw my life and dreams, all my illusions unreel like an old film.

Returning to my studio, as I have done for decades, I place a white panel on my easel and begin a new painting. Salvation awaits in Art, service or meaningful work.

A vague impression appears, a satin effect of water, a subtle shimmering dance of colors, light on a bird. Light on all of us.

And now soft feathers conversing with a hard cockle shell reinforce plumage lines to create a balance of beauty and tension. Hope arises and energy flows, and all around the light shimmers and shines upon her grace.

Can you make something beautiful in your life today? Perhaps flowers, a kind word, helping hand or smile…

Can you create a memory of grace for someone?


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