The Beckoning Sea

by | Jul 16, 2020

The beckoning sea. Oil painting of dune path and sky

The Beckoning Sea, oil painting

The beckoning sea wind assures me that this too shall pass. Grand friends will gather on porches of seaside houses and around sizzling grills, making happy memories. Our cares cast aside for another day.

If we only knew when.

Whether I accept or deny it, the reality of personal stories, data and deaths detail the truth of Covid-19.  No cure, vaccine, or long-term health results known. I wonder how you are faring, how you are affected during this strange time?

Like many creatives, I am fortunate to work from home. For most of last year and the beginning of this one, I have hunkered down out of choice, painting for shows. This large oil painting, Beckoning Sea, is one I delivered to a gallery in South Carolina last month.

Now I am on pause.

Morning sunlight slants across green meadows, yellow flowers stir beneath an unending blue sky. July dreams drift in the sultry haze of time. Wistful memories of painting beside fine friends on rocky coasts and quiet coves call me to my easel. Imagination and memory are my summer muses.

I return to earlier themes of serenity and simplicity. Stripping the superfluous from the chaos of the world. Bearing down on the essence of beauty and harmony.

Wherever you are, my painting companions, I am with you in spirit and deed.

Dreaming beside the beckoning sea.


  1. Mary Erickson

    You always get to the heart of things. Missing Nanatuck, my summer painting companions, and you.

  2. Dex Westphal

    Such a soulful work. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your wonderful book. As a tonal painter (after being ridiculed for this kind of art work for years) I enjoy reading your thoughts, and am so inspired by your masterful work. I can’t afford to buy one of your peaceful pieces, but would love to have another book to read and to think about in quiet moments. Keep on painting!

    Florida Painter Dex Westphal

  3. Fred Frank Danziger

    I’m with you 100% in spirit Daniel! Meanwhile, we look… we mix paint… we immerse the brush and touch it to the canvas… and we leave those marks for others as we do what we must!
    Paint on brother Dan!

  4. Dianne

    You bare your soul in words and paint. They give me a calm, peaceful feeling, like walking on the beach at sunset. I hope one day to hang one of your treasures on my wall.

  5. Karen Weihs

    The rhythm of This painting is matched by the rhythm In your words. Both are soothing and senescent. Looking forward to Fl full time in September.

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