Egg Tempera Painting of a Brown Pelican

by | Apr 21, 2020

egg tempera painting of a brown pelican by Daniel Ambrose

Brown Pelican, egg tempera painting

This sweet little egg tempera painting of a brown pelican just makes me smile. It is resting on my easel now along with other birds that I am painting for a show. It measures 7 by 5 inches wide.

I think it looks nice, unframed… perhaps perched on a mini easel. It feels like an old friend that I enjoy having around my studio. It needs a name.

The first egg tempera painting I did twenty-eight years ago was of these flying Brown pelicans over Bulow marsh.

I was moving away from paintings that featured birds in their biological habitat as the principal subject.

Birds became smaller and began flying in my paintings, becoming fireflies flying out of the picture.

My work evolved into literal landscapes before becoming memories of beloved places.

Then merging memories and birds in new ways, like in this painting, Shelter.

And dreamlike settings as in this egg tempera, To Sleep, To Dream.

It is spring now, and the birds are returning.

Reminders that seasons change.

We are healing in Nesting.

We will triumph.

Be strong.

Be safe.

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  1. Judy

    I think he looks like a Truman”
    Loyal friend
    I have two of these small paintings and love them. They are wonderful, beautiful, and moved from room to room quite often to enjoy.

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