A Summer Song

by | Aug 25, 2019

A Summer Song, egg tempera painting

After our American Tonalist Society inaugural show in New York City in May, we have been working on publishing our Shades of Gray catalog. However, I painted this egg tempera, Summer Song, and started a new Coastal Bird series I will share in a later post.

I began my art career painting light falling on birds. These creatures who inhabit land and air enthrall me, as does the wonder of all nature. Decades ago I donated to many conservation causes and served on a few boards until becoming overwhelmed by all our vital environmental issues.

The struggles of raising a family and running a business took precedent over global matters. Sometimes it was all I could do to keep our own heads above water. My children are now the age I was then. The intervening years brought forth an increasing amount of new evidence based environmental data.

In my studio are shelves of books by men and women who have shaped my thoughts and inspired me over the years. Artists, prophets, scientists and spiritual leaders. Each one contributing to the artist and man I became. Their ideas planted seeds that rooted and grew into beneficial forests of hope and beauty for humankind. One individual influences many.

On my easel now is a large oil painting of a scene I sketched over twenty-five years ago and birthed an idea. Like so many other beloved wild places in my native Florida, that setting is now another subdivision. Homes built so quick and cheap that major appliances need replacing in 5 years. The stately old moss-draped oxygen giving trees that would have shaded the transient arrivals homes, and provided food and cover for dozens of species, bulldozed into mountains and burned.

I did not have the knowledge to do this painting back then. It represents a circling back to my artistic roots. It’s destined for my show at Hughes Gallery next year. I will share it in the coming months. Follow me on Instagram to see works in progress.

The exhibition hall in our American Tonalist Society show was adorned with grand paintings testifying to the beautiful and spiritual embodiment’s of nature. Art students from a nearby atelier visited and spent reflective moments in front of each painting. They spoke of the spiritual void among their peers, and how these tonal landscape paintings evoked a quiet spiritual truth and beauty lacking in much contemporary art.  “They told us this was dead art,” a young student exclaimed.

To see the enthusiasm on their young faces for landscape paintings was heart warming and inspiring. I am thinking my new work will be a path to help heal the planet. A journey to wholeness.

My painting Summer Song, is available at Crossnore Gallery in North Carolina. Sale proceeds benefit the children’s Stepping Stones program.

One individual makes a difference.

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  1. Annie

    Hey Daniel,, greetings from Rabbit Hop!! Been wondering how you were doing.. hoping all was going well for you. Glad to see a post from you. Keep painting and I hope writing, when you get the time. Take care and hope all your adventures are profitable!!?

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