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by | Nov 18, 2018

Something Special is Coming to You

Ambrose Art Journal is a newsletter I’ve mailed since the beginning of my art career. Recently I completed a major purging of names and address. To show my gratitude to current subscribers, the next newsletter will contain something very special for you.

The next newsletter will be emailed this coming Tuesday. It will feature my inaugural annual studio show presenting studies and artworks curated from my studio.

Newsletter subscribers will receive a private code for an opportunity to acquire an original painting at a tremendous value. Only subscribers to Ambrose Art Journal will get the private code.

What is the Ambrose Art Journal Newsletter?

Besides my blog posts you may receive via email (like the one you’re reading now), I also publish a newsletter Ambrose Art Journal.

It’s where you get the goodies; great offers, special values on artworks, and first chance on cool stuff.

If you’re not a current subscriber, come join the celebration!

Subscribe now for a wonderful surprise.


  1. Fred Danziger

    I don’t see everything, but always find your thoughts of great interest… I’ll look forward to these.

  2. Daniel Ambrose

    Fred, thank you for reading and posting your inspiring comments, my friend.

  3. Mary Erickson

    Hi Daniel,

    Does this mean I have to re-subscribe?

    Your fan,

  4. Daniel Ambrose

    Hi Mary,

    No, you’re good. 🙂

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