Marshall Point Lighthouse – Tones of Morning

by | Sep 15, 2018

Oil painting of Marshall Point Lighthouse by Daniel Ambrose

Marshall Point Lighthouse in the Haze. Oil painting by Daniel Ambrose. Sold.

A cup of coffee cools beside my purring cat. A low fire contributes a blanket of comfort to the misting fog drifting from the sea and through the scarlet and gold autumn hardwoods. The tones of morning… a ticking clock, the occasional bird call… the island lighthouse sounding its fog warning.

Save for these sounds it’s quiet in my buddy’s cabin tucked away in the trees here on the Maine coast. It’s quite a contrast from the southern hurricane delaying my way home. I’m in no hurry.

Quite the contrast to the hot, hazy day a few weeks ago when I painted this oil study of the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde.

The muffled, throaty rumbling of a lobster boat overlays the atmosphere. Maine is unique in its sounds. Memories of many friends’ laughter now interweave with favorite painting places in coastal Maine. It’s good to gather with old friends and to make new ones.

The smell of saltwater perfumes the silent cabin, impregnating it with a voice from many mornings and thousands of miles ago — I like it quiet in the mornings; she’d said.

A shiver of yellow catches my eye through the window. A breeze stirs the goldenrod. The fog is clearing and I am headed out to paint with new friends. Words dissipate like fog, but true friendships remain.

Summers in Maine are beginning to feel like home.

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  1. Annie stewart

    Wow. I love lighthouses!! Been wondering if you were out somewhere safe during this summertime storm. We have some rain and getting kinda windy here this morning on Rabbit Hop. Hope it soon passes on and plays out. Thanks for hearing from you. Be safe and maybe soon be home. Take care. Friends from Rabbit Hop

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