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Morning Whispers

by | Feb 11, 2018

Morning Whispers. Oil painting of two gulls on the beach at dawn by Daniel Ambrose

Morning Whispers, oil painting by Daniel Ambrose

“I like it quiet in the mornings.”

This, I am certain I heard her whisper.

Black coffee or green tea steaming in a favored mug. The nectar of inspiration.

Listening for morning whispers.

Tell me you love pale light veiling over misty sea, water gently teasing bare feet. Perhaps a coral sunrise washing through feathered pines, or wood smoke curling up crisp tapestries of autumn blue and gold.

No, please, perhaps it is better to remain silent, and simply delight in the subtle harmonies of daybreak.

Remembering the small sounds of morning. . .  a spoon tinkling in a cup, rustling sheets, a crackling fire, contented sigh, a songbird waking on a spring bough.

The surety of a heartbeat.

It is good to ease into the day.

You my friend, It is good steer clear of soul draining screens, reflect upon memories lived, and reconnect to remembered light that danced in each other eyes.

You who wish to be an artist, find that which stirs your soul, and the muse will abide by your love.

Some say, there be nothing gotten by it — by endless rumination and reminiscing.

Nothing of profit to show for time spent watching silent films unfurl in your mind like bright colored streamers trailing a kite. Indeed, inspiration swims among those bright streamers.

Memories of morning whispers summon the muse, bearing her priceless gifts. For no earthly price will purchase her favors.

Beautiful moments that once were, become transcendent beauty born anew. Memories are resurrected and sanctified in the temples of our Art. Housed in our paintings, poetry, song and dance, they become the priceless yet essential bonds of humanity.

Whether the distance between be measured in mere inches, many miles, or the passage of a lifetime, Art creates kinship across the seas of time and space.

Live an authentic life. Speak your truth, remember the small moments, and be awake to the sacred dawning sounds of morning.

For certain I have found, the muse is cradled in those low morning whispers.

Listen. . .

About the painting:

Morning Whispers
Oil on linen
30 x 40 in.
Private collection

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