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by | Jul 11, 2017

To Sleep, To Dream VII, egg tempera painting of sleep bird by Daniel Ambrose

To Sleep, To Dream VII, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Somehow, May and June passed and now we’re sliding halfway into July. After a tremendous solo show at Hughes Gallery this past spring, I’ve been recharging— riding my bike on the beach, swimming and practicing yoga almost daily. I’ve also been taking care of life and business stuff that I let slide when painting for a solo show. You’ll notice new changes on my website. I’ve been updating it to be mobile friendly. If you are reading this on a mobile device, and having issues, please send me an email.

I’ve also been doing a little more remodeling on my studio, and repairing damage from last October’s hurricane, and recently finished three egg tempera paintings for a show at Cheryl Newby Gallery. The reception was last Saturday evening. It was great connecting with my collectors once again. My dear friend and artist, Mary Erickson came to the opening. Afterward we had dinner on the ocean, while watching a full moon rise. Each wishing we had brought our paints. Two artists chatting about the colors we would use to paint the scene:

“I think cadmium red light and ultramarine blue for the sky above the horizon.”

“Yeah, it’s warmer, there’s a lot of red in it.”

“Look how the sky is a bit greener above the clouds”. . . .And the wave is the darkest value.”

“See how the moon is the same pinkish-yellow as the bit of light on that cloud?”

“How’s your pasta?”

So now with a full belly and brimming with new ideas for paintings, I’m headed over to the west coast of Florida to work on large oil paintings for a show next January. I’m taking my aging cat Puppy with me. When he is not sleeping, he rarely leaves my side these days, and is a comfort to have near my easel.

Full moons, conversations with collectors and gallery directors always inspire me, and I have new ideas for egg tempera paintings that I’m taking to a whole new realm of exquisite beauty. A comment I hear often, is that viewers are amazed at how much more beautiful my egg temperas are when viewed in person than when seen online. How they radiate an inner light. That there is an intangible quality, a certain presence about them that is hard to describe. To Sleep, To Dream VII is one of the painting in the show.

Going deeper in my yoga practice is finding its way into my art. The two are beginning to mingle, each influencing the other in positive and beneficial ways. I haven’t quite worked out what’s going on, but changes are happening, and it’s where I am now.

I hope that wherever you are, you are having a wonderful summer. That you take time to notice the sun sparkling on water, listen to the sounds of summer, pay attention to a pink sunset after an afternoon thunderstorm, and make time to gather and laugh with friends and family.

Laughter is healing to the spirit, and so is seeing great art. Visit a museum or gallery. If you find an artist that moves you, and they’re still breathing, drop them a quick note, letting them know how much you enjoy their work.

Sometimes, an unexpected word of encouragement out of the blue can change someone’s stars.

Peace and Light.

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