Undeniable beauty exists in our world. It permeates our lives, flourishes in our joyous moments, and shimmers in our suffering like an aurora borealis dancing in a frozen winter sky.

Beauty can be a pathway to transcendence. Authentic beauty is the divine voice of hope.

“This world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair. Beauty like truth, brings joy to the human heart…” Second Vatican Council

As we slide into the second month of 2017, I am writing this as a man, once a husband, always a father, a brother, son and loyal friend. A man graced with a gift, a gift that came with responsibilities and great sacrifices.

Last year, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions. My mind is half-shot and I’ll forget em’ anyway.

Instead, I will carry on; learning to be a better painter, writer, yogi and future partner. Learning to be a better steward of this planet, learning to be a kinder man. And I’ll go on dreaming. The world needs it’s dreamers, it’s artist healers, its witnesses to beauty. It needs you, to dream and make your dreams come true.

In authentic beauty I find hope, peace and joy. This is what I will be seeking and bringing to you in the future.

When I was a child of eleven, Elvis Presley sang the song in this video. It was two months after the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy.

There was fear, pain and despair in the world. Elvis’s handler, the Colonel did not want him to sing it. He said, “this ain’t Elvis’ kind of song.” Elvis told him, “I’d like to try it, man.” Those in the recording studio said, Elvis sang with so much emotion his three backup singers had tears running down their faces.

Beauty too, is a feeling.

In 2017, I offer up my intentions of happiness, good health, peace in your life for you and those you love. Thank you for your support of my art. I honor the divine light in you. Always remember… just being you is a gift.

May we all be kind to each other, and create a more beautiful world.

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