Egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose of egret flying ove Florida beach

The Sojourner. Egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Dreaming I am a bird...

I rise from the warming earth, unfurl my wings and sail towards the gentle sea. Gilded light streams through my weightless body. The saline air caresses my restless feathers, laughing at the impermanence of things.

I soar over a golden stage of feathery grass, rippling under my breast. Sea wind and cloud song chime in the atmosphere, replenishing my spirits. To be one, effortlessly, with the eternal elements—earth, water and air…dreaming over eons.

Do you remember—were you once a witness to hope?—We were ageless when the sky blazed violet and we crossed virgin seas to begin anew? Or is this too, another forgotten dream?

We were beloved pilgrims then, roaming sands of distant shores in ancient footsteps, furrowed by the pioneers of humanity. In the time when birds spoke the language of soul-mates, calling to one another from border trees.

Time is passing my unsettled friend. All we have is the single breath of each moment. Tread the edges of life’s tremulous shadows and travel with me on the wondrous side of passionate light.

Our culture gods assure us happiness is purchased just beyond our horizons, but beauty and wonder and self-fulfillment are within you right now.

Simplify, discard mediocrity, and save that which stirs your soul and rings of freedom, inspiration and love. Always love. For does not the sojourner’s heart want to be claimed by love too? Like reflected light shining on an indigo sea claims the moon for its own?

The world needs healing and hearts need care. So take a walk on a wild shore. Dream and create a vision, find your purpose and make a plan. Your interests, skills and intuition will be your guide. Then, rise from the warming earth and be like the bird winging toward boundless seas.

And take us with you. We need your gifts. Be the inspiring sojourner you were meant to be, unfold your dream as we travel with you.

And do all things with love and respect and care.

Now close your eyes and dream…

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