Slipstream, egg tempera painting. Sold

Slipstream is one of those rare paintings that just slid off my brush. It began with the wave—its sensual curl caught my eye—the light making the water shimmer like an exotic jewel.

The bird appeared soon after. Skittering along, it just seemed appropriate somehow. It’s presence guided more by intuition than inspiration.

The pale moon was the final inspired touch, providing perfect balance. After painting it in, I stepped back to view the painting and my arm shot up in jubilation! Yes! Perfect balance! My cat Puppy looked at me askew.

See if you agree on the moon. Cover it with your finger and see how the painting looks. Now remove your finger. The moon though small is vital to the whole. Its placement adds a significant sense of weight, a feeling of tension between it, the wave and bird. Each element relates visually to the others.

Perfect balance. Hard to achieve in art, even harder in life. The trick is to find the flow, find time for yourself.

Many people are finding this time in yoga. An hour on your mat will really bring your mind back to your body. I find that if I let my mind wander for a few seconds during a balancing pose, I’ll lose my focus and topple over. Busted!

Many of my yoga mates lead extremely hectic lives. They look forward to time on their mat, saying it’s where they devote time totally to themselves. They’re in the flow.

When describing the experience with my artist friends, we laugh about the fact that we are in this flow for hours painting at our easels.

But painting is a solitary endeavor. Practicing yoga with a room full of like-minded people makes my life richer. Gracefulness and Daniel are two words that don’t go together. I express myself through art, and in yoga I see people beautifully express themselves in graceful movements.

Like the moon in my painting Slipstream, yoga adds a touch of balance in our lives.

In the slipstream of life, balance and beauty connect in art and yoga.

About the egg tempera painting, Slipstream. It is sold, but on view until July 2, during my exhibition, Inspired by Nature at Cheryl Newby Gallery, Pawleys Island, South Carolina. For details, call Kaitee at 843- 979-0149.

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