Seven for a Secret, egg tempera painting of birds in water by Daniel Ambrose

Seven for a Secret, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Seven For a Secret is one of fifteen new egg tempera paintings that I delivered to Cheryl Newby Gallery this week for my show opening June 4th, 2016.

I spent an afternoon at the gallery, inspecting each painting. Polishing them with loving attention to a nice, satin sheen, enhancing areas with accents of paint.

While studying them, I’m often delighted to discover amazing new color interactions as the light fluctuates over the surface. Floating, luminous colors that appear to dance then mingle into one mesmerizing hue after another—jewel-like. The effect can be likened to the way light emanates from an abalone shell or diamond—an organic, ever-changing numinous being. My pigments do come from the earth like these two gems.

It seems funny to write this, but I really don’t see all these sublime color effects while I am painting. I swear, sometimes I think my paintings are working while I sleep.

Perhaps, the tiny particles of pigments are settling in with each other as they dry. Getting cozy with each other, marrying into harmonious relationships that reveal their radiant beauty.

Let’s mess with Daniel’s head. I imagine them saying to each other. You go check out that french ocher, while I go mix with that cute little cobalt violet beauty over there.

Later, after the painting has left my studio, and upon seeing the painting displayed in a gallery or collectors home, do I see it with fresh eyes.

As in our hectic lives, sometimes we are blind to the things or people closest to our hearts. We under appreciate their particular qualities of inner beauty or acts of kindness towards us. The small, daily moments that I wrote about in my popular post The Gift of Universal Beauty.

Seven For a Secret will be available along with fourteen other exquisite egg tempera paintings during my exhibition at Cheryl Newby Gallery June 4 to July 2, 2016.

Hope to see you opening night. For more information, or learn about a special preview before the show, please contact the gallery.

Inspired by Nature
Cheryl Newby Gallery
Pawleys Island, South Carolina
Opening reception June 4th, 2016.
Call Kaitee at 843- 979-0149, for more details.

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