Manuscript of The Art of Daniel Ambrose, Writings and Paintings 2006-2012

My editor returned the annotated manuscript of my book The Art of Daniel Ambrose, Writings and Paintings 2006-2012, last week. With a few corrections and some rewriting, I hope to have it published in a couple months. At first I was hesitant on hiring an editor, and now I am glad I did. If you write a book, hire an editor.

As I read through it again—the stories, the seeds of paintings, my life—an image of you emerged.

Did I ever tell you how much you inspire me?

Your confidence, kindness and enthusiasm captivated my imagination. You helped me see life in a larger scope, showed me amazing and fine things and expanded my view to exhilarating horizons. You made me believe in possibilities.

We are only limited by our minds, but this I had to learn because my mind had been like a locked room. A room having many doors to bright worlds and I blind to them. How could I know? I wasn’t even aware the doors existed, until you entered and showed them to me and opened my heart to wonder.

Today may be a good day for you or perhaps you’re uncertain about the future.  And I want you to know this…You are doing an amazing thing just being you. You have talents unique to you, special gifts that will allow you to achieve whatever you set your mind on. You have a purpose in life. One that will bring you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. In future articles I’ll show you ways to discover your gifts.

In my book I’ll share with you my journal of beautiful discoveries. My editor says it’s a book you can dip into for inspiration or read sequentially—a delightful book.

This book is a peak into my creative process, a glimpse into the heart and soul of an artist, of a man who loves deeply.

I hope you find it inspiring, just as you have inspired me.

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