Photo of Daniel Ambrose writing in journal in a barn

Daniel writing in a North Carolina barn 2005.


I printed a hard copy of my upcoming book, The Art of Daniel Ambrose, and passed it around for review. And thank you to everyone who signed up to buy a copy when it’s published.
Image of a book authored by The Art of Daniel Ambrose edited by a book editor


Comments were insightful and helped clarify my thinking, so I did some rewriting. In conversations I learned that several books can be unpacked from my imagination. I find it confining to corral my free roaming thoughts into one piece of writing. I try to stay on one topic, but my over active imagination is flying flat out like a wild mustang charging around riderless on the open range.


To rein myself I hired a professional book editor. Her name is Carol. She was an editor in New York before migrating south to open up shop in Florida. I need all the professional help I can get.


I’m old enough to know what I don’t know. Don’t know much about predicate nominatives and object complements. I know a lot about painting. I know all the technical parts. Accumulated painting knowledge hums in the background of my mind while I’m painting. Overriding this humming, is feeling—heart and soul.


My paintings are built on sound craftsmanship. But if that’s all they were, they would be lifeless without imagination and soul. While they are on the easel, I constantly edit my paintings, mindful of their soulfulness.


A book editor knows how to craft a sentence and wrangle a writers imagination into sense. Knows how to find a writers voice, clarify intention and steer a writer through the publishing process. Swing a rope over that pony’s neck and steer her home. Where you going filly? You threw me in that last paragraph bush.


In our phone conversations my editor has already given me a lot to think about.


I’m hoping to have the book published in time for Mother’s Day. It will be available in several different formats from paperback to a limited edition with an original drawing.


To get a pre-published special price on a signed copy of The Art of Daniel Ambrose, send me your name and email in the form below.


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