Egg tempera painting of two blue chairs on a rock in Spruce Head Island Maine, by Daniel Ambrose

Study for Where We Dream, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

“In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.” — Rumi

I carried some ideas with me to Maine last summer. Remaining in the region around Port Clyde, I roamed the rocky shore processing my thoughts, resolving plans. It’s easy to fall into routine. Complacency is subtle and slips over you like a comforting cashmere blanket. Sometimes the life can leak out of you.

The spark is flickering but the coals still burn with intense, quiet passion. Fun was needed. Dreams and the sense of moving forward together was needed. Moving forward and deeper. A turning from fear. Shout and dance yes to life!

I searched for subjects to express my dreams and thoughts. I felt the power of the younger man, vigor and visions swelling in me.

Then I got a hard blow. A lesson in the mystery of life. It still makes no sense to me. So I’m exploring dreams and myths for divine inspiration. Robert Johnson wrote in his book the Fisher King, “no one ever succeeded in finding a reason for living by the reasoning process.”

You bring meaning to life. Art is a good place to begin. Love is a beautiful place to start. Love is a mystery worth building on. You can build a rich life upon it like a granite rock rising from the sea, or let it weaken in the capricious winds of life.

I am on this rock with you, in the warm summer light, a cool breeze ripples the cobalt blue water. Out there a sailboat glides by an island into the golden light. This is where I long to be.

We all need a break from the cares of the world and to find a place.

Where we dream.

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