To Sleep, To Dream, egg tempera

To Sleep, To Dream, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

What’s on the easel: To Sleep, to Dream

I’m not really sure where I’m going with these sleeping birds. Indeed, I am not quite sure they are even about birds. The inspiration for them appears to come from a vague place of sensations—interpretations—from memory more than external stimulus. It’s baffling and exhilarating. I have no thoughts, and yet, they are not thoughtless.

These sleeping bird paintings may be about connecting contrasting concepts; the sense of weight and weightlessness, vulnerability and power, lost and found, desire and…well, it may be about none of these things.

I like the little touch of sea glass.

Anyway, this small egg tempera is on the easel, and I’m considering how far I want to take it, or maybe, how far I want the process to take me.

Art can take you to extraordinary realms. The creative process is a tantalizing mystery, more wordless than worldly. Still, I thought I’d try and share insights with you.

I sent a photo of this painting to my dealer. She titled it, To Sleep, To Dream. I’ll leave you with these words she wrote in an email to collectors.

“Daniel is doing what all great artists eventually do – he’s exploring a particular subject (birds) and seeing how far he can go with it.  Monet did haystacks. In this case it involves not only composition, but also the age, size, stance of the birds and all the colors of the bird and around the bird.  I love it when artists embrace this kind of creativity.  It really speaks to something higher and deeper and more beautiful – so, enjoy!  He’s traveling a lovely road with this endeavor.” – Barbara Hughes

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

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