Egg tempera painting of spring moonrise over Atlantic ocean by Daniel Ambrose

Spring Moonrise, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Fiery pink and gold banners unfurl across the sky, greeting me as I exit the darkened restaurant. Satisfied and solitary, I steer towards the river to catch the show, maybe paint a tropical palm sketch as a prize for my Facebook Studio “likes.”

Following the river north, getting high on the evanescent light, windows open, feeling the balmy island evening elevate my soul, I intend to continue cruising. And then, nearing a side street leading east, inexplicably I whip the wheel and aim for the beach.

The ocean…a full moon rising! Spring moonrise! A flag of colors floats above the tranquil water. The Earth’s shadow, just above the horizon, casts a luminous blue. The facing sunset forges an orange bar melding into a silvery tone. A hint of violet compliments the pale yellow moon.

Absorbed in serenity, I listen carefully. I’m certain I hear whispering in the nocturnal sea air, a primal, peaceful, spring song.

About the painting:
Spring Moonrise
Egg tempera
8 x 10 in.

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