Repose, egg tempera painting. Daniel Ambrose

Repose, egg tempera. Sold.  Daniel Ambrose

Last month, I drove up to Pawleys Island for the opening reception of At Waters Edge, in the Cheryl Newby Gallery. Stopping in the gallery to say hi before the show, I was pleasantly surprised to see red dots on two of the paintings before the show opened.

First Summer, egg tempera on panel

First Summer, egg tempera on panel. Sold

One of my paintings receiving a lot of attention was a major egg tempera, titled Between the Waters. Click on the image below to see a larger view.

The inspiration for this painting came with dreams and plans, and then I watched them float on by me like a stick on the river. Only the painting remains.

The painting captured folks attention when they walked into the gallery. It was fun to watch them draw close and than discover the beautiful details and subtle, sparkling colors. I answered several questions about my process and background. Many people were surprised to learn that I’m self taught and have no formal art training.

Between the Waters. Egg tempera. Daniel Ambrose

Between the Waters. Egg tempera. Daniel Ambrose

I came to painting by way of marsh and sea. I didn’t go to school to learn how to be an artist. Life taught me. Love and loss—light and shadow.

Awareness came slowly at first, almost imperceptible, like bubbles coming up from a clear, Florida spring. Decades of painting, exploring the source, led me to dive deeper, below the bubbling surface, and it was there that I discovered a great aquifer of love and inspiration.

Diving deep, sometimes my feet get caught in the rocks, and caverns of darkness try to drown me. . . but I found the light source. Down in that eternal spring, I found the source of the amazing aqua light that flows in each of us. I want you to know it too.

Some folks care not for it, I know, there are myriad worldly distractions to draw us away from the meaningful.

Still, I carry on. With each painting, I give this light to you. Love and inspiration flows out disguised as paint. It’s deep and it’s true. . . It will never forsake you.

I didn’t learn how to paint by teaching my hands to handle a brush.

I learned by keeping my heart open to love.

It’s the only way to live.

The show runs until November 29th. You can see the Waters Edge exhibit in the gallery here.

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