This is a little study I made Sunday afternoon at a beach park south of where I live. I love it so much there I bought a season pass. It’s like the places I used to roam as a little cracker kid, scampering over old shell mounds. Walking the shoreline where the river meets the sea for several hours, I settled on this spot late in the day. Alone up in the dunes, my thoughts mingling with a mild sea breeze, I painted this little plein air painting.

It was a beautiful placid afternoon. The sun was setting as I walked the shell path back to my van.  Graceful portraits of myrtles and palms silhouetted against the golden-pink sky framed the passage of egrets and herons flying home to their roosts.

It’s a dog friendly beach park, and I met several friendly ones. Friends say I should get a dog. But I don’t need a dog.

A dog is not what I’m missing.

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