Oil painting of giant clam shell by Daniel Ambrose

Oil painting of giant clam shell by Daniel Ambrose

I seldom work in series, but I do seem to orbit certain themes and ideas. And while I ain’t no saint, I am drawn to the profound contemplation of life instead of profane participation—preferring to become a more perspicacious painter—in my quest to sharpen my focus on moments of quiet beauty.

The structure and substance of a collection of shells that I am fortunate to live with—the way she places them with so much care—invites me to paint them in their various postures.

I love seeing the way a stray beam of light will suddenly reveal subtle colors, and how complementary shadows create oscillating tones. The variety of alluring textures, their patina and patterns, the sense of weight, of solid balanced by fragile; the wonder of her shells moves me by the mystery of their existence.

About the painting:

Mary’s Shells is the second painting of a new series called Neptune. It’s available at Cheryl Newby Gallery in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina.

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