October Repose, egg tempera on panel

We drove up to South Carolina last month to deliver a couple of paintings and attend the 30th anniversary celebration of Cheryl Newby gallery.

The opening was a great success. We enjoyed meeting new and old collectors and also visited with some of the other wonderful artists in the gallery who came for the event. The next day  I scouted out some future painting locations and look forward to spending more time in the Low Country.

This painting, October Repose, was inspired by a scene as we were traveling Highway 17 south of Charleston.  The elegant white shapes of these great egrets poised on these time sculpted trees caught both of our eyes at the same —I had to stop. A quite stillness permeated the moist atmosphere that Sunday morning and I knew instantly that I wanted to capture it in egg tempera.

October Repose

Egg tempera on panel
11 x 14 in.

View a larger detail of the painting.

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