Painting plein air at Pemaquid Lighthouse

Like an osprey coming home to her nest, the landscapes of Maine have settled in to my heart. So many of my artists heroes; Hopper, Wyeth, Homer and many others, have planted their easels here and painted in the very places I visit, inspired by the timeless light and presence of American history this land carries in her rocky bones.

While staying with artist friends in Maine, Mary Erickson and her dog Maggie, Roger Dale Brown and Beverly Ford Evans, we all made a day trip down to Pemaquid Point to paint.

I could have just painted the sky and her reflection on the sea.

Instead I chose the lighthouse. I was drawn to the morning light turning on the edge of the white stucco cylinder against the azure sky, its opposite edge crackling against a purple gray shadow with a green light reflected up its base. It doesn’t take much to get my creative juices flowing, I only have to wander around until the muse strikes.

In the afternoon, I painted a small surf study of the rocks. As the waves rolled in, rising, they revealed a beautiful turquoise color against the warm color of the rocks.

Unfortunately, I have photos of neither one of the paintings. The only evidence I can present is this photo of me painting the lighthouse.

All in all, it was a glorious day painting with some very talented friends, a good one for the memory bank.

A few days later, we took the paintings along with the egg tempera Light Keepers House down to Kennebunkport, and I am happy to say, they are now hanging in my newest gallery in Maine, Northlight Gallery.

I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of them.

If you are in Kennebunkport, Maine, stop in and say hi to Harry or Jill. If you have your camera, please take a picture for me.

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