Miles to Go, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Miles to Go, egg tempera on panel

Miles to go, means many things.  As I write this, I’m watching the full moon whitewash my staircase. While outside the window, the clear, repetitive notes of a killdeer, competes with my noisy night-owl neighbors. Their voices are finally beginning to fade, replaced by the more welcome notes of muffled ocean waves. I think that bird is going to win.

For the second night now the moon has drawn me from my bed, gleaming like a mother-of-pearl inlay, high in the platinum-blue southern sky.

Sitting in the half-dark, my thoughts come down to earthly cares, to trips and paintings to be done. I’ll be returning to the mountains and then on to Maine and I am excited about an excellent gallery that will soon be representing my artwork in one of my favorite southern towns. More on that soon.

The egg tempera painting above, Miles to Go, was inspired by a scene near Linville, North Carolina. Its currently on exhibit at Hughes Gallery for a few more weeks.

On my last day in the mountains, intending to get an early start back home, I spent most of the day painting. Finally beginning the journey south, weary as I crested a hill, refrains from the ghost of Robert Frost reminded me I still have miles to go.

Home, in the half dark, the quiet poetry of a southern spring night guides my soul.

About the painting Miles to Go

egg tempera on panel
12 x 24 inches
Currently available at Hughes Gallery

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