Sunrise, plein air painting

Sunrise, plein air oil painting

So much for keeping to a regular posting schedule.

I’m lashed to the easel painting for another show at Hughes Gallery next month. They asked me not to post the paintings here on my site until then.  So instead, here is a sweet little plein air painting from the beach a few years back.

Currently, I’m torturing myself with egg tempera. My process  seems to be, invest 2-3 weeks painting and then spend 20 minutes scraping most of it off. You’d think after twenty-five years that I would have it down. But that’s what I love about painting — everyday is a new day — discoveries await. Especially with egg tempera. Eggs are different, the pigments never behave the same, cat hair flying around . . .

One of the beautiful, albeit frustrating qualities of tempera, is its inherent translucent properties. The pristine white gesso ground shines through in the first layering of pigments and subsequent searching layers of color can destroy or enhance its luminous nature. I’m always after the beyond; taking it beyond mere representation, that elusive state when a painting becomes magic. Not that hoodoo kind, but the spellbinding effect some paintings mysteriously possess.

I have to psyche myself up to get into the tempera’s and its hard to turn it off once I get started. Everything else goes,  coffee with friends, shaggy cat’s haircut, groceries.

Instead of taking you with me  on the roller-coaster ride of emotions, every time I sat down to write, you may have noticed, I ended up tweaking my website instead. Its like a painting in process, keep moving things around, subtracting and simplifying. I did manage to update my events page.

I’m thinking I will start featuring artists that I admire; historical and contemporary, and talk a little about their work. At least give you something interesting to read when I am mired in my own work. There are fascinating stories behind many paintings.

Ok, where is the rope, back to the easel.

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