Daniel Ambrose egg tempera paint making process.

Start with an egg. I use Country Hen organic eggs, all natural, the hens live in the sunshine — we love sunshine — plus they’re delicious.

Crack the egg. Separate the yolk from the white, puncture the yolk sac and drain into jar. . . Try to get most of it in the jar.

Add about an equal amount of water. I use spring water, its good for the painting. Drink lots of water — its good for you too.

Choose your pigment. The history of paint is filled with fascinating stories. I do extensive research and use only the most durable pigments in my paintings.

This is cobalt blue. One of my favorites.

Take a bit of pigment. Don’t breathe the dust, eat or play with the cat while mixing dry pigments.

Add water. Mix to a paste-like consistency. The amount of water varies with different pigments.

Add about an equal amount of egg yolk medium. The correct consistency becomes an intuitive process with practice.

Mix thoroughly .

Tiny particles of pigment are suspended in the egg yolk medium. I apply the paint in thin alternating layers of translucent, opaque and transparent glazes exploiting the inherent nature of the pigments. The beauty of egg tempera reveals itself in these numerous layers.

Now the fun begins . . . go make beautiful paintings.


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