Last Light, fine art print from an original egg tempera painting.

Recently I received an order from a woman in Washington D.C. for Last Light, a popular print I published many years ago.

During The Great Upheaval the stock became misplaced.  Anxiously I searched every place my art was stored. Finally I called my framer — he had 1 in stock.

One! The last one of Last Light. Well, I could send the lady her print, but it was the end of Last Light. Life seems to flow that way, the end of one thing marks the beginning of another. Perhaps what we perceive as the beginning and end however painful or joyous, are turbulent passageways through the ebb and flow of a perpetual continuum, like riptides rushing through a great sandbar out to sea.

In the time I painted the original egg tempera of this elegant Snowy Egret I was doing shows every weekend. Late one Friday night before a show, I finished, framed her and loaded the van. The next morning, 10 minutes after the show opened, she sold. The collector graciously gave me time to have the painting photographed before he took possession of it.

In those pre-digital camera days, it was an expensive artful process to photograph a painting to publish limited edition fine art prints. Deadlines and finances dictated which ones I documented. In hindsight, I wish I’d documented every egg tempera painting as I’ve lost contact with some of my collectors over the past decades and don’t know the whereabouts of much of my work.

Last week I emptied the contents of a storage unit depositing the mound in the garage of our new home. Saturday, my son and I were shifting things around and I stumbled over a box. I lifted the lid — there under some sketchbooks lay a stack of Last Light prints.

Hey there old friend! I found you!

I found other beautiful prints and notecards too! After we get settled in the new living, studio, by appointment gallery, home by the sea, I will be putting selections of artworks in my store .

Look for special offerings as I sort through the collection to make space for new artworks — newsletters subscribers get first peek.

Meanwhile here is the link to Last Light.

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