Original oil painting of a Florida wetlands

"untitled" oil painting study, 12 x 16 in.

Wally is a good friend that I’ve been fortunate to have in my life for over forty years. He’s been around through it all. Once, while I was out of town at an art show, my beloved cat Rembrandt died. Wally came over to the house in a thunderstorm late at night, and in the lashing rain, buried him for me in the backyard by my studio.

Great friends, like great paintings are rare. Our appreciation and esteem for them increases with the passing of time.

We like having them around us.

Recently Wally was in the studio and noticed an oil painting of a Florida coastal marsh leaning against the wall. I often give presentations on egg tempera or demonstrate painting techniques for artist or community charity groups. This painting came from one of these events. Its based on a field study from the Everglades, but is actually a composite of several places. Usually, I keep them, give them away as gifts, or sell them through my online store Daniel Ambrose Gallery.

Wally really liked this painting, he said it reminded him of a river we both explored together. He had just done another favor for me, and in gratitude I gave him this painting.

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