Around 5 years ago I started a tempera painting of a cat dozing in an Adirondack chair. She was a pretty hefty thing. Everyday after eating she would get up in that chair and take a nap for hours in the morning sun. So I decided to paint her from life in egg tempera. I got this far and she quit on me.  Somehow I lost the feeling for the thing without her and I couldn’t carry on. So I set it aside thinking maybe someday I would finish it.

I won’t. . . However, the panel is the perfect size for Welcome, a new tempera I’m lit up to do from one of my recent North Carolina studies of hydrangeas by a front porch. I couldn’t wait for another panel to be ready so I decided to lose the cat. After all, she abandoned the collaboration first.

I left a bit of her ocher ghost, a hint of her presence. I think she will like her new home.

I never did get her name.

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