On a rainy afternoon, I picked up my painting Dusk, from the Museum of Florida Art in Deland today. It had been on loan for exhibition in the Florida Biennial show this summer.

In a way this painting is a transition piece for me, a process I’ve been working through to give my larger oil paintings the look and feeling of my egg tempera works. For me, painting is a way of finding out what I want to know, but I often don’t know what it is I am seeking until I see it.

I have to paint it to discover it.

It’s a going back and forth thing, a painterly tug of war, a seeking and merging of the best qualities I find in oil and egg  tempera.  Like a compatible marriage, each one brings admirable qualities and traits to the union to form an ideal whole.

It’s an elusive goal, but that’s what I am after, the perfect whole.

This painting preceded Limbo, a recent egg tempera painting, and though they are different subjects, you can see the overall feeling is there. It’s about the light, the feeling and flow of light. And each can speak of many things the way only art can, and too, they also represent transitions.  Dusk is the moment between twilight, before darkness falls, and birds are always in the place between heaven and earth, a perpetual Limbo.

egg tempera painting of seagull

I think it’s stopped raining now.

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