The Art of Daniel Ambrose

Hauntingly Beautiful Paintings -Inspirational Writings

Morning Whispers

“I like it quiet in the mornings.” This, I am certain I heard her whisper…

“Find what you love, and make it yours”

New Painting: Abandoned Beauty, egg tempera on panel. Available at Crossnore Gallery

Egg tempera painting of Carolina Wren perched in broken window of abandoned schoolhouse

Abandoned Beauty, Egg tempera painting

The hauntingly beautiful paintings of Daniel Ambrose add the finishing touch of  soulful beauty and graceful serenity to your rooms. Explore fabulous artworks by Ambrose, a noted master of the rare, luminous egg tempera painting, and read passionate stories that inspire Ambrose’s paintings. Live life beautifully. Discover why an Ambrose painting has an understated, ethereal beauty, seldom found in contemporary art.

Recently Acquired Paintings

A selection of  paintings recently sold  in art galleries.

Oil painting of Royal Tern by Daniel Ambrose Cheryl Newby Gallery. SOLD

Cheryl Newby Gallery. SOLD

Cheryl Newby Gallery. SOLD

Snowy egret, egg tempera painting by Daniel Ambrose

Spring Morning. Sold at Cheryl Newby Gallery

Eight For A Wish, egg tempera, 24 x 36 in. Hughes Gallery SOLD.

From the Journal

Inspiring stories behind the paintings, life as an artist…

Family Renew Fundraiser

Family Renew Fundraiser

  ARTISTS WITH HEARTS OF GOLD My friend and local Ormond Beach artist, Karlene McConnell is coordinating a fundraising event for Family Renew Community. A worthwhile cause that helps families get back on their feet and equip them with skills and resources to stay...

Press Release: Abandoned Beauty to Benefit Crossnore

Press Release: Abandoned Beauty to Benefit Crossnore

 Florida artist Daniel Ambrose has created a new egg tempera painting, “Abandoned Beauty,” that features a wren resting on the window frame of an old school building in North Carolina to benefit the Crossnore School and Children’s Home. A portion of the proceeds...

Travelin’ Through

Travelin’ Through

  The sound of water running over rocks through hot summer days in the Appalachian mountains inspired this egg tempera painting, Travelin' Through. Cardinals, Crows and Scarlet Tanagers sing and call to one another in the tree canopy as deer pass silent along shore. I...