The Art of Daniel Ambrose

Hauntingly Beautiful Paintings -Inspirational Writings

Morning Whispers

“I like it quiet in the mornings.” This, I am certain I heard her whisper…

“Find what you love, and make it yours”

Eight for a Wish recently acquired at Hughes Gallery, Boca Grande, Florida.
Contact gallery to see more paintings now through May 2019.

Eight for a Wish, egg tempera, 24 x 36 in. SOLD

The hauntingly beautiful paintings of Daniel Ambrose add the finishing touch of  soulful beauty and graceful serenity to your rooms. Explore fabulous artworks by Ambrose, a noted master of the rare, luminous egg tempera painting, and read passionate stories that inspire Ambrose’s paintings.

Live life beautifully. Discover why an Ambrose painting has an understated, ethereal beauty, seldom found in contemporary art.

Recently Acquired Paintings

A selection of  paintings recently sold  in art galleries.

Before I Sleep,  egg tempera, 12 x 24 in. Sold

Meet Me in the Moonlight, egg tempera. Sold

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Port Clyde, Maine. Oil painting by Daniel Ambrose

Marshall Point Lighthouse in the Haze. Oil, 12 x 9 in. Sold

From the Journal

Inspiring stories behind the paintings, life as an artist…

One for Sorrow, Eight for a Wish

  One for Sorrow continues the series of ten egg tempera paintings I began several years ago after the death of my Grandma Dewey. Inspired by an old English nursery rhyme, I painted them not in numerical but inspirational sequence. Each one coming when a sudden image...

Nine for a Kiss

  Sunday morning sun is rejuvenating after the cold rains. Palm leaves rustle overhead and the sea breeze brings a scent of flowers—brings luminous memories of faraway faces and places. I open the house to the balmy air—to purify—dispel the sleepless ghosts of...

Puppy, My Sweet Cat

  Puppy came as the best things do, by fortune or divine guidance. His rescuer was her then husband. Her father went to the Humane Society with him and described seeing the cat for the first time. He had just arrived. His hair matted and caked with mud. Full...