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South Carolina

Egg tempera painting of Carolina Wren perched in broken window of abandoned schoolhouse


North Carolina


Rhode Island

Leaving the Island – Oil – Hughes Gallery

The extraordinary, luminous paintings of Daniel Ambrose reside in fine art collections worldwide. Ambrose is a master of painting in the historic medium of egg tempera, perfected in the High Renaissance centuries ago. To create his timeless egg tempera paintings, Ambrose makes his own paint from a 15th century Italian recipe, using egg yolks and natural earth pigments.

Recently Acquired Paintings

egg tempera painting of a cove at sunset in Port Clyde, Maine

Our Secret Cove – Egg tempera -Lily Pad Gallery – SOLD

Two of a Kind – Egg tempera – Cheryl Newby Gallery – SOLD

From the Journal

Inspiring stories behind the paintings, life as an artist…

Softly, You Whisper

Softly, You Whisper

  I was sitting on the steps in the April sun, following the breeze through a field of yellow, pink and white wildflowers. Or was I dreaming of a faraway sea? Wherever I am, softly, you whisper. Inspiration is divine. A gift to cherish and not squander. It...

Artist Story Tellers

Artist Story Tellers

  During this pandemic, I’ve been riffling through my 30 year collection of sketchbooks for bird inspiration and found stories and spoonbills. This Roseate Spoonbill egg tempera painting is a pair I observed and sketched in a quiet southern estuary decades ago....

The Peace of Wild Things

The Peace of Wild Things

  In January 2020, my solo show opened at Hughes Gallery and I was swinging my brush for a summer show at Cheryl Newby Gallery, that included these 2 egg tempera paintings, I’m With Him, and I’m With Her. Then the world upended. Among the artist tribe, daily...

The Art of Egg Tempera Painting

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What is Egg Tempera Painting?

I taught myself the technique of painting in egg tempera about 30 years ago from a recipe written in the 15th century by the Italian artist Cennino Cennini. While rummaging around an antiquated bookstore, I discovered a 1933 edition of The Craftsman’s Handbook.

How to Prepare Egg Tempera Panels

The humble egg has proven itself to be an enduring painting medium throughout art history. Egg was used as a paint binder by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks thousands of years ago. During the European Renaissance, the art of egg tempera painting flourished before gradually declining as oil found it’s way into painters studios.

Why Egg?

The earliest recorded history of using egg to make paint is beleived to be in the creation of  the Fayum mummy portraits in 80 A.D.