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Seven For a Secret

Morning Whispers

photo of book by artist Daniel Ambrose


The hauntingly beautiful paintings of Daniel Ambrose are renowned for their extraordinary luminosity and remarkable power to evoke a sacred sense of place. A master in the historic medium of egg tempera, Daniel’s coastal and pastoral landscapes bring beauty and peace to our busy lives. Read Daniel’s journal and explore the painting galleries to find inspiring stories and beautiful art to enrich your life.

“Find what you love, and make it yours.” – Daniel

New Painting

Island Pearl

Island Pearl
Oil on linen
30 x 40 in.
Available: Hughes Gallery, Boca Grande, Fl.

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Spring Morning, egg tempera painting of snowy egret by artist Daniel Ambrose



"Is this what you're looking for?" My muse inquires. High above an aqua ocean, three white birds coast south through curling clouds, wispy like smoke. The moon a day from being full, floats above palms and sea grapes in an ageless sky. The setting sun carves dusky...

New Painting, Friends Show, Traveling With a Cat

Rain passed through here last Sunday. The balmy days that followed graced us with a boundless blue sky and welcome sunshine. Now the sky is gray again and the wind whistles and rattles my windows. It bends and lashes the trees as if spring is trying to whip back the...

Spring Visitor: A Painting About Respect

When I was twenty-four, I built a house. And though I didn’t know it then, when I landscaped the yard, I was also planting inspiration seeds for this enchanting egg tempera painting, Spring Visitor. Around that house I planted trees, shrubs and flowers; maples, sweet...