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Oil painting of White pelicans in Boca Grande, Fl




South Carolina

Egg tempera painting of sunflowers and meadowlark birds by Daniel Ambrose


North Carolina

painting of great egret in water


Rhode Island

American Society of Marine Artists

Sea Light was selected by the American Society of Marine Artists for the 19th National Exhibition. The show opens at the Albany Institute of History & Art in Albany, NY, then travels to Minnesota Marine Art Museum in Winona, MN.

Albany Institute of History and Art September 8, 2023 – December 31, 2023.
Minnesota Marine Art Museum – January 19, 2024 – May 12, 2024.

The American Society of Marine Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of marine art and maritime history, with a focus on education and the exchange of ideas among artists, collectors, educators, historians and students. Since its founding in 1978, the ASMA has presented its prestigious national exhibition biennially.

Sea Light
Egg tempera on panel, 14 x 18 in.

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About Daniel

Sescape painting by Daniel Ambrose. Available at Cheryl Newby Gallery

Just the Two of Us

Oil, 24 x 30 in. SOLD
Floyd Fine Arts

The extraordinary, luminous paintings of Daniel Ambrose reside in exceptional art collections worldwide. He is know for his hauntingly beautiful paintings in both oil and egg tempera. Ambrose is a master of painting in the historic medium of egg tempera, perfected in the High Renaissance centuries ago.  To create his timeless egg tempera paintings, Ambrose makes his own paint from a 15th century Italian recipe, using egg yolks and powdered pigments. Daniel’s soulful paintings emanate an understated, ethereal beauty seldom found in contemporary art.

“Daniel paints with such a tender and open heart and I always love hosting an exhibit for him.” – Barbara Hughes

From the Journal

Inspiring stories behind the paintings, life as an artist…

Walking the Ancient Paths

Walking the Ancient Paths

  This egg tempera is one of the paintings that I’ve been working on over the summer. I intended to paint birds flying over the shoreline, titling it Night Flyers. Or I may save the idea for a large oil painting. I found this bird of paradise flower placed beside a...

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Sea Light, a Gift from Memory or Muse

Sea Light, a Gift from Memory or Muse

  Sea Light is a new egg tempera painting that just came off the easel. It flowed from my brush, a gift from memory or muse. Which one is a mystery to me, I have been doing this for a long time; you know. Imagining paintings. All my painting life I have wondered where...

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American Tonalist Society: Shades of Gray II, My Bio

American Tonalist Society: Shades of Gray II, My Bio

  The American Tonalist Society is having our 2nd Biennial show at the Salmagundi Club in New York City this April. Each artist has a profile page in the exhibition catalog. It's weird writing in the third person and how do you summarize a lifelong career? I don't...

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The Art of Egg Tempera Painting

Exhibition • Enrichment • Enlightenment

What is Egg Tempera Painting?

I taught myself the technique of painting in egg tempera about 30 years ago from a recipe written in the 15th century by the Italian artist Cennino Cennini. While rummaging around an antiquated bookstore, I discovered a 1933 edition of The Craftsman’s Handbook.

How to Prepare Egg Tempera Panels

The humble egg has proven itself to be an enduring painting medium throughout art history. Egg was used as a paint binder by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks thousands of years ago. During the European Renaissance, the art of egg tempera painting flourished before gradually declining as oil found it’s way into painters studios.

Why Egg?

The earliest recorded history of using egg to make paint is beleived to be in the creation of  the Fayum mummy portraits in 80 A.D.