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Hauntingly Beautiful Paintings of Coastal Landscapes

Morning Whispers

“Find art you love, and make it yours”

The hauntingly beautiful paintings of Daniel Ambrose enliven your space with soulful beauty and serenity. A master of the rare, 15th century, handmade paint technique of egg tempera painting, Ambrose’s artwork has an understated, ethereal beauty, seldom found in contemporary art.

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Spring Visitor: A Painting About Respect

When I was twenty-four, I built a house. And though I didn’t know it then, when I landscaped the yard, I was also planting inspiration seeds for this enchanting egg tempera painting, Spring Visitor. Around that house I planted trees, shrubs and flowers; maples, sweet...

Find What You Love and Make it Yours

I wake to a bird singing. Ashen light saturates the linen curtains. I make coffee and carry it across the road to the beach. Balmy air, bright green waving palms greet and gladden me. These things sing to my soul. At waters edge I slip in my toes. Still too cold for a...

Blame it on the Cat

Yea. . .  he looks innocent. Well, imagine my surprise to receive an email notifying me that a post had been published while I was in the middle of composing it. Please disregard my previous email, "find what you love." Now I know to close my laptop when I leave it...