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Painting the Sound of a Seaside Morning

The sun is gleaming on the the water. Far out on the horizon, a rolling thunderstorm grumbles over the Gulf. Closer to shore, cumulus clouds drift in a silent, lazy train.

I am surrounded by textures, immersed in patterns, forms repeat in various incarnations. Floating, curving and ever shifting forms. The moist air of clouds. . .

This Beautiful Planet

“Excuse me sir. . . excuse me sir. . . Sir, sir, excuse me. . . sir were you sitting here when the maintenance people came and took my stuff?”

I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t be here today.

The sound of thunder rolled me out of bed early this morning. I decide to go to the same spot on the beach that I painted yesterday. Maybe do a color study of the morning glory.

The clouds are massive, packed and bunched up high in the sky. Thunder booms and a dark curtain of rain brushes along the horizon. I whip out my paint box to capture its color.

A lone tree down the distant shore catches my eye. A dark note. I had not noticed it yesterday. An Australian pine? This is what I was taught to call them as a child, until someone told me they are also called Casuarina. I don’t know. I don’t even know what color it is in this moist light. I see that it’s dark, a gray violet and a bit warmer on the —

Coyotes on the Beach

I wake to the sound of rain. It lightly patters on the back porch roof while I boil water for my french press coffee. I pour it in my travel mug and wait for the coffee to seep. Four minutes. As I press the plunger down the rain stops. I head for the beach. Thunder...

Where I Am

Somehow, May and June passed and now we're sliding halfway into July. After a tremendous solo show at Hughes Gallery this past spring, I've been recharging— riding my bike on the beach, swimming and practicing yoga almost daily. I've also been taking care of life and...

Love Comes Softly

The falling sun spills a liquid ribbon of pink fire along the bronze shore. I walk for miles into evenfall. Walk beside the sea until the rising moon spreads my shadow before me. Then I walk farther still. I follow my shadow to see where it will lead. It leads me...



Summer Remembered

Oil on Linen

30 x 60 in.

Available Hughes Gallery

Boca Grande, Florida

Where to See Daniel’s Art

Cheryl Newby Gallery

To Sleep, To Dream VII

Crossnore Gallery


Hughes Gallery

The Quiet Hour

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