The Art of Daniel Ambrose

Hauntingly Beautiful Paintings of Sea and Shore

Seven For a Secret,  egg tempera. Private collection

“Ambrose is an extremely talented painter whose work never ceases to delight me. As an art curator I have been privileged to work with him to present exhibitions of his work and to buy examples of his work for museum collections.” — David Swoyer


“In a world full of stress and endless distractions, my paintings and writings celebrate serene light and love. Finding space for peace in our lives. Read my journal for inspiring stories. Explore the painting galleries and discover beautiful art to enrich your life. Find what you love, and make it yours.” Daniel

The paintings of Daniel Ambrose are renowned for their extraordinary luminosity and remarkable power to evoke a spiritual sense of place. Highly proficient in painting in oil and watercolor, Ambrose is also master of painting in the historic medium of egg tempera, perfected by the Old Masters centuries ago. To create his timeless egg tempera paintings, Ambrose makes his own paint from a 15th century Italian recipe, using egg yolks and natural earth pigments procured from around the world. His technique incorporates weaving hundreds of translucent layers of paint into a rich tapestry of subtle hues, imparting to his serene paintings an inspiring ethereal luminosity seldom attained by contemporary artists.

Ambrose is a founding member of the American Tonalist Society, and a member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Ambrose’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo gallery shows and many fine museums including; Florida Historic Capitol Museum, Jacksonville Museum of Art, Leepna-Ratner Museum, Museum of Florida Art. Corporate and public collections include Volusia County Justice Center, Bank of America, Florida Memorial Hospital, The Public Collections of Eustis and Orlando, Daytona Beach International Airport, and the Permanent Collection of The Museum of Arts and Sciences.

This Beautiful Planet

"Excuse me sir. . . excuse me sir. . . Sir, sir, excuse me. . . sir were you sitting here when the maintenance people came and took my stuff?" I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t be here today. The sound of thunder rolled me out of bed early this morning. I decide to go...
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Coyotes on the Beach

I wake to the sound of rain. It lightly patters on the back porch roof while I boil water for my french press coffee. I pour it in my travel mug and wait for the coffee to seep. Four minutes. As I press the plunger down the rain stops. I head for the beach. Thunder...
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The Art of Egg Tempera Painting: Preparing Panels

Part 1 of a series titled The Art of Egg Tempera Painting summarizing the process that I use to prepare materials for painting in egg tempera. For the first post in this series, read the Introduction. The Art of Egg Tempera Painting The humble egg has proven itself to...
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